Go Green! Be Cool! I am saving fuel.
  Model: G10 Model: G11 Model: D10 Model: D11 Model: D21
  1) Install the Greentech Molecule Enhancer (Greentech Molecule Enhancer)

Warning: Gasoline (Petrol) and Diesel are hazardous substance and must be handled with extreme care. We strongly recommended our customer could perform this installation in the professional maintenance store.

The Greentech Molecule Enhancer has to be placed inside the fuel tank. Usually, there are three ways to install the Greentech Molecule Enhancer. The workshop or mechanic will need to identify the most suitable installation procedures:

  • Though the sender or fuel pump via access plate. An access plate is usually under the back seat or in the boot.
  • Though the Neck of the tank by removing the anti-siphon.
  • Though the sender or fuel pump by removing the fuel tank.
    NOTE: This method is only used if your vehicle can not be installed by the previous methods.
  • Though the tank filler.
    NOTE: This method is only used if you can see the fuel directly from the tank filler and there is no anti-siphon device. For example, most of the motorcycles and huge trucks are suitable for this method.

  2) Install the Greentech Air Refining Device (Greentech Air Refining Device)

Install the Greentech Air Refining Device into the air intake cube or inside the air filter housing. It is mounted on the pre-filtered (before the air is filtered) area of the air filter. Please find a suitable location to attach the Greentech Air Refining Device. You may also use the supplied cable tie to secure it.